I Have Ate Ream!

No, I am not starting my own podcast, but I have been inspired by the Thompkast.

Last week comedian Paul F. Thompkins released his first podcast: The Pod F. Thompkast. It is kind of a mishmash of stand-up snippets, interviews, and set-pieces all “segued” by the non sequitur smarm of PFT (a humor that I have really started to appreciate). About midway through the Thompkast, PFT debuted a great little bit that I had actually been mulling over myself recently…Google Voice.

Google Voice is web product that essentially gives you a phone number and it becomes a clearing house for sending and receiving texts and phone calls, but best of all…it will transcribe your voicemails and send them to you via email. The voice transcription is easily the most interesting, (sometimes) useful, and ridiculous feature of the whole package. Mainly because the voice transcriptions…are…uh…flawed? Wildly inaccurate at times? Just plain fucking hilarious? D. All of the above. PFT took this understanding and added a nice sheen to it by calling his own number, reading the I Have A Dream speech by MLK, Jr., and subsequently having Tim Meadows perform the transcript on the podcast to a live audience. Genius.

So, in an attempted to homage PFT and have a little fun at the expense of  ”technology that makes life better” I will be offering up my GV phone number to all so that you may record a voice-mail.  In turn, I will take the transcript and perform a reading of aforementioned transcript and post for everyone to enjoy.  If you want to give some info about what you are reading first I can then preface the reading with information that you can compare the actual too. Fire away with your voice-mails and I will post the performances. Try to deliver your speech in a normal tone…we definitely want GV to think long and hard about what you are “trying” to say.

GV Number: 774.213.1774

Yes, it is a MA number. No, I will not reimburse long distance…I suggest investing in a cell phone instead. Don’t cry. Unless you are going to leave a message while you cry. I will post that too.

A great place to get started and check out the concept: What The F*@# Google Voice?!

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