When I emerged onto the plaza it was nearing dusk. In the looming, chilled shade of evening, Mies’ masterpiece seemed to support the highest whisps of orange cloud. I perched on a corner step and watched the throngs of people move in contorted rivulets across the abused pavement. This herd reminds me of the tides, only drawn by a different celestial force.

I waited, content but seemingly anxious. We were not able to meet yesterday. She was occupied. I assume with all of the tireless business at hand, she meant work. Today I would challenge the status quo; I aim to intercept. As the ebbing light morphs into a maze of bouncing and blurring angles, I check my wristwatch again.

The silent stop-start movement mocks me, mimicking my reaction when I see her face. Without fail. With no regard to common place or repetition. When her face paints a smile of purest affection…I stop…If but only for an imperceptible moment, and move again. The pause is shorter than infinite, but tell this to my lungs and heart, whom scream for time to move again, and end their forced halt.

My eyes and ears are flooded with sepia tones, rich and warm. If I removed my glasses, I would see a world muffled in velvet, and sounding a harmonious note. I do not balk at this consciousness anymore, but rather pang for it to return. If not for the occurrence itself, than for the basic truth that she is near.

Time. Almost as promptly as I pivot, she moves through the glass façade like a wraith. Smooth, gliding, and exquisitely haunting. Stop. Start. I can feel the comfortable smirk start to push beyond my cheeks. I can not control this. One, two, three steps onto the plaza level. Wrapping my coat tighter, and straightening my stride I move towards her. Before our gazes meet across the paved expanse, she turns to receive his hand in hers. Stop. They fall into unison as they march toward the perimeter, to intercept me, whom they have not seen. Start. The smile. Her smile…and his in return. I am… I still am, but I am not. The couple makes their final approach to my vicinity. A small delicate laugh, countered with a blush and a nod. She glances up, and our eyes meet…I fear, for the last time.


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