The Radius Resolve

I can’t see them this close, Heisenberg was undoubtedly correct. I can recall every detail. I know the soft-fiber wet-fold, and the French contour it skates. I know the gentle peak at their apex and the concave fraternal twin; arching across her face like the deck shear of a sea vessel. I know the smooth, seductive, fading curve; glistened with anticipation and performed as coy desire. I know the ebb and flow of her bodies tide; as every wave paints blush on my cheeks. I can not see but I know they quiver. The slightest trembles, moving them closer and farther away from me at intervals I can perceive. This is the eve before the eve. I know the attraction and it’s taste is palpable without touching my tongue. I can consume her. The most beautiful snapshot; the passion in the instant before the kiss.

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